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Frozen and Salted Seafood Supplier

Seapro specializes in seafood processing. We offer over 50 varieties of fish and seafood products to our clients all over the world since 2008.

Our Passion for Fish

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Premium Supply Chain

Our fish and seafood are provided by strong and reliable sources whose caught using the cleanest and most eco-friendly methods possible to delivery optimal fish and seafood.

Ensure abundant resources of all fish and seafood products by collaborating with trusted and certified seafood supply partners such as Pacific Seafood, Silver Bay Seafood, and Ocean Beauty.

Fish and seafood supply chain
Fish and seafood quality by certification

Quality by Certification

Devoted to supply fresh, consistent, premium quality of fish and seafood products. All seafood products are conformant with the MSC code and processed in HACCP approved facilities under the strictest specifications which include independent third-party food safety audits.

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Capability in Fish Processing

With the latest high technology processing machines, high capacity freezing and storage facilities, we offer the freshest and finest fish and seafood products all over the world.

We strive to deliver high quality fish and seafood products to our clients, so we have a complete management system with strict inspection from receiving raw materials to delivery finished seafood products.

Professional fish processing
  • Seapro Advantages

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    Custom Packages

    The custom solution of packages' color, sizes and material are available to meet our clients' requirements.

  • Competitive price icon

    Competitive Price

    Collaborate with tens of seafood supplier, we offer you a full range of seafood products at an affordable price.

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    Temperature Monitoring

    Temperature is managed with temp loggers in boxes and seafood products are re-iced during transport if needed.

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    Shipping Tracking

    The transport of each shipment is monitored from it leaves the processing facility until it reaches the customer site.

Testimonials from Our Partners

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    Ivan Lorres

    While the most important aspect that we consider is pricing, the Seapro team went above the standards with strict quality control. Our business relationship of many years has never been hit with any quality problems, we are very pleased to work with them. We look forward to continuation of doing business together.

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    Mr. Yi

    Seapro is a reliable partner and an expert in delivering high quality frozen fish. Over the last few years, the Seapro team has processed all orders and completed the various certificates in an incredibly expedited manner. The confidence I have for them has allowed me to have the time to focus on my production.

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    Sam Wong

    While our initial relationship began with the purchasing of a high level of goods, we have become incredibly good personal friends. I am impressed with their honesty and integrity making them have good reputation in the industry. We will continue to be a loyal customer for their fish and seafood products.