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Fish Processing

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There is nothing important in this industry like high quality fish and seafood, so it is necessary for the process to be effective. Our team consistently improve practical processing measures to offer the best processed fish and seafood for you.

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Control at Every Stage of Fish Processing


We wash all raw material and put them into sterilized baskets respectively to keep fish clean for quality after every processing procedure.

Washing fish


Skilled workers slice fish into different size and shape according to clients' requirements in slice processing workshops.

Filleting fish

Skinning & Deboning & Trimming

After filleting, all fish should be skinned and deboned carefully in case of damaging any parts of fish.

Every fish should be trimmed for a better appearance by skilled workers.

  • Deboning fish
  • Skinning fish
  • Trimming fish

Picking Out

To turn them into healthy and premium quality fish products, all raw materials are inspected on the inspection table to pick out any parasites.

  • Picking out parasites from fish
  • Packaging fish products

Weighting & Packaging

All finished fish products are weighted for reliability, then they are labeled and packaged. Before delivering, all fish products are inspected to ensure quality.

Weighting fish products