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Quality Assurance

Complete Management System

Equipped with the latest processing facilities, which are fully EU and HACCP accredited and comply with FDA requirements.

Our fish and seafood processing is executed under the ISO 9001 Quality Systems to assure that all products meet your quality standards.

Inspection by processing facilities
Realiable fish supplier

Import Quality, Export Integrity

With global suppliers including Norway, Iceland, America, Russia, and other countries, you can find a full range of 100% natural with zero additives fish and seafood products here.

Seapro devotes to offer you processing fish and seafood that can be long-term preservation of vitamins, taste, and texture.

Details Make Quality

Fish inspection

Raw Material Inspection

Ensure all raw material without chemical additive and are eviscerated.

Temperature Inspection

Keep storage temperature under -18°C and check the temperature of seafood products regularly to avoid air-dried.

Parasites Inspection

Raw materials undergo one necessary inspection to ensure no worms to maintain seafood products' quality.

Metal Inspection

Finished seafood products are inspected that they do not have metal by metal detection equipment.


Certificated by

  • P06 S05 img BRC
  • P06 S05 img HACCP
  • P06 S05 img IFS
  • P06 S05 img MSC