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Frozen Fish & Seafood

  • Frozen Fish Seafood Cod Loin 1

    Cod Loin

  • Frozen Fish Seafood Chum Salmon 2

    Chum Salmon

  • Frozen Fish Seafood Choso Vannamei Shrimp

    Choso Vannamei Shrimp

  • Frozen Fish Seafood Channel Catfish Fillets

    Channel Catfish Fillets

  • Frozen Fish Seafood Arrowtooth Flounder Fillets

    Arrowtooth Flounder Fillets

  • Alaska Pollock Fillets

    Alaska Pollock Fillets

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Frozen Fish & Seafood

Nothing Fresh than Frozen Fish

Seapro offer a wide variety of high-quality frozen fish. Processing and freezing fish products, which is a good method to lock in the flavor and texture of fresh fish.

We use IQF to maintain texture of the fish. We have advanced processing equipment and temperature control system which ensures that you get the same freshness with frozen fish as with just-caught fish.

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